Is Pursuing your Masters in Germany really worth investing?

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Definitely yes! 

“An investment in education always gives the best returns”

                                                               –Benjamin Franklin

Germany (Deutschland) has emerged as the most favorable study destination for many foreign students in recent years. After the introduction of many courses in engineering and management courses in English by public and private universities in Germany the volume of International applicants has drastically increased. Low tuition fees for public universities, affordable student apartments, good possibilities of students part-time jobs and excellent return of investment for the finances spent during the education, and finally superb employment possibilities in many German companies after completion of studies making Germany the most preferred education destination not only for Master’s but for Bachelor’s as well.

There is no surprise that  students of science, technology and management are considering Germany as a better option. Management courses (paid) in Germany are actually 35-40% cheaper than similar courses  in  other countries such as the US, UK, Australia and even India (countries with economical education fees). 

Besides the reputation of Germany’s technical universities, there are a lot of funding opportunities for researchers. Living expenses are low and jobs are available on campus for overseas students. Germany also offers foreign graduates a blue card, which allows the holder to work and live in most European Union countries.

Comparing the unemployment & Average tuition fees:

Some more benefits of considering Germany as a study destination:

  • Paid Internship at relevant companies during your studies: Students can either opt for voluntary or compulsory internships during their course, which are obviously PAID
  • International students can work for 120 full or 240 half days/years: Excellent opportunity to make some money and financially support your living expenses as a student.
  • VISA free travel to many other European countries: With a lot of scenic countries in Europe, this is an added advantage for traveller, bloggers and explorers to travel hassle free to many countries and explore their cultures. 
  • Extremely low tuition fees in Public Universities: One of the important factors in any country is the cost of education and if you have low tuition fees, nothing like it . it relieves a lot of financial burden from the students. As well students get a “Semesters ticket” to travel for free within their city or state depending upon the University 
  • Excellent employment chances: Germany has one of the lowest employment rate only one in Europe but also globally and maintaining it strongly even after COVID19 pandemic. 
  • 18 Months of Job seeker VISA: Students can avail 1.5 years of job search VISA after completion of study program 
  • Within 2 years of your employment: People can apply for  Permanent resident in Germany 
  • One of the strongest economies in the world: Germany is a highly developed social market economy, one of the largest in Europe and 4th largest GDP in the world. 
  •  Safe and secure country to build your future: One of the safest countries in the world with an excellent security system. 


Should you consider studying in Germany? The answer should definitely be YES!. However, remember it’s not as easy as it might seem, there are many challenges attached to it. But trust me these challenges are worth taking it which comes along many opportunities. 

Good Luck!!

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